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Welcome to The Business Association inspired in North Delta, Canada!

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Proven Tools

You Need

To Grow

Your Business

The North Delta Business Association, founded in 2022,
is the ONLY Team that:

  • LINKS you to other businesses,

  • CONNECTS you with experienced and knowledgeable people to help you LEAD and GROW your business, and

  • Constantly challenges you to do things DiFFerEntLY.

"Abound is the ONLY one of its kind in the association world."

We are the ONLY Association focused solely on serving our Team Members to GROW their business, improve their leadership skills, gain valuable business knowledge, expand their networks and achieve remarkable results by doing things DiFFerEntLY.

We are guided by our strong commitment to provide our Team Members with unique, relevant and compelling solutions they CARE about and are crafted to meet their special requirements.

We deliver this challenge through Abound, a practical array of events, tools and services proven to work in the real world with hungry competitors, fickle customers and an unpredictable environment that can deliver deadly body blows to businesses that are ill equipped to cope.


The Audacious Learning Ways Podcast Series
Featuring "How to Be Different" tips with Roy and Ian
Click to listen on our site or on Spotify

What our Members are Saying!

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“Congratulations to the NDBA on its new brand. It solidly reflects its strategy of serving business in a different way. Well done!”

George V Harvie

Mayor of Delta

"Abound is the ONLY toolbox businesses need to get more business"


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