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2023 BOOM Award

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The North Delta Business Association unveiled its new🧨BOOM Award, and revealed the name of its very first recipient, at its inaugural celebration held December 05 at Tsawwassen Springs. Sponsored by TELUS, the event drew 50 members and guests eager to find out which business embodied the spirit of standing out and being different in 2023.

“The🧨BOOM Award provides a valuable platform to showcase the innovative endeavours of local businesses,” said Mayor George V. Harvie. “As the winner is unveiled tonight, let us celebrate their success and the collective spirit of innovation that unites us all.”


Bayside Enterprise was then announced as the🧨BOOM Award recipient and co-owners Matt Baydala and Andrew Holt were called forward to receive the award by NDBA vice-president and chief marketing officer Roy Osing.


“Wow, what a surprise! We’re thrilled to receive this award and all that it represents for our business,” said Baydala. “It recognizes the changes we’ve made, how we serve our customers, how we involve and reward our staff, and the operational and expansion plans we’ve put in place for the future. Thank you!”

The🧨BOOM Award recognizes a business that embodies the spirit of standing out and being different. Members were invited to submit nominations and state why they think their business should be considered for the🧨BOOM Award. For example:

🧨What things have been done to boost business? 

🧨What moves have been made to serve customers better

🧨What moves have been made to differentiate the business from competitors?

🧨What innovations have been tried to attract new business?

Each nomination was assessed in terms of the Moves — Leadership, Business Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service — outlined in our cornerstone guide book ‘BE DiFFERENT or be dead: The Audacious Unheard-of Ways I Took a Startup to A BILLION IN SALES’, authored by Roy.

”We need businesses to be different and to stand out in a way their customers care about,” added Roy. “We need businesses to provide outstanding service and to innovate with ideas that pop. And Bayside has clearly demonstrated that to us in 2023.”

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