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What exactly is Abound?


Abound is a package of valuable and proven-to-work business building tools and services designed for NDBA Members to enhance their business performance. It is simply more. 

Abound is the ONLY one of its kind. Where other associations typically charge extra for events, seminars and services, the NDBA - through Abound - will serve our Members by including everything in the cost of ONE annual membership investment. What exactly is included? Read on!

🧨 The Advice Portal

The Advice Portal makes the cumulative business experience of all NDBA Directors
directly available to Members for advice on any matter of interest to them.

🧨 Advocates

Advocates is a referral program that provides a 50% reduction in the following year's

annual membership investment for every Member who signs up a new Member.

🧨 Audacious Learning Ways Podcasts

Audacious Learning Ways is a series of 30-minute audio podcast-style recordings that

continue to break down our cornerstone guide book "Audacious Ways."


🧨 "Audacious Unheard-of Ways" Book by Delta Resident Roy Osing

"Audacious Ways" is the cornerstone guide book chosen by the NDBA Directors to inform the direction of

the Association, and the business tools and services provided to Members. A FREE copy of the

book is provided to each Member and their leadership team when they join the NDBA.

🧨 Centre Stage

Centre Stage is a series of 30-minute, podcast-style interviews with individual

Members to cover particular topics on their business.

🧨 Connections

 Connections provides Members a social opportunity to meet, engage and

develop business relationships with fellow Members.


🧨 For Delta

For Delta is a strategic investment program targeted to support businesses throughout Delta.

🧨 In-Person Learning

In-Person Learning is a series of 60-minute, in-person workshops on a variety of

business-building tools and services as determined by our Members' interests.

🧨 The Listening Post

The Listening Post is a panel of Member advisers who provide counsel

and guidance to the NDBA Board of Directors.

🧨 Mentors Live!

Mentors are informal gatherings with known personalities offering proven business

knowledge, expertise and general information of value to our Members.

🧨 More to Come ...

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