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Our ONLY Statement

“The Business Association, inspired in North Delta, Canada is the ONLY association focused solely on delivering DiFFerEnt, proven tools and solutions to help businesses grow their business."

By “inspired in North Delta” we mean:

  • Our roots are in North Delta, BC, Canada; we started here.

  • In 2019, Mayor George Harvie took action to start an association to serve businesses in North Delta to fill the void that existed at the time.

  • The Association was launched in April 2022 and has developed a value proposition that has potential to help businesses worldwide.


By “focus solely” we mean:

  • We focus ONLY on delivering proven tools and services to help Members grow their business.

  • We are guided by growth-driven leadership.

  • We follow what our Members desire, not by association best practices.


By “DiFFerEnt, proven tools and solutions“ we mean:

  • We encourage our Members to do things differently.

  • We deliver value to our Members through ABOUND, our portfolio of proven tools and services unmatched in the business association world.

  •  ABOUND tools and services have been “stress tested” in the real world; they were instrumental in successfully building A BILLION dollar a year business!

  • You can trust that the growth solutions we offer Members work in the real world.


By “help businesses grow their business” we mean:

  • Our Members have leaders who are passionate about growing their business.

  • Our priorities are based on member needs that they express. We don’t presume to know. We ask.

  • We tailor and prioritize the tools and services we deliver to satisfy Member requirements.

  • We help members grow their revenues by employing the unique strategies and tactics successfully used by Director Roy Osing to grow a startup TO A BILLION ON SALES!


We are “Team Business.”

We share the same challenges.

We care about the success of our fellow Members.

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