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Five Reasons You Should Treat Public Speaking As An Audacious Performance

Public speaking can be a challenge for most people who are always looking for the secret to delivering stunning and standing ovation presentations. And there are pundits who are ready and willing to give their advice on what it takes to improve your speaking talents to another level.

In this episode, Roy and Ian discuss the strategy of treating public speaking as a performance where, as a speaker, your job is to create a memorable experience for every person in the audience.

They will break down these steps of a successful performance: know your content, speak with passion and emotion, surprise people with what they don’t expect, and delight every person in the audience as your end game.

You can listen to this episode when posted, and enjoy past episodes of the 'Fast and Furious' series right now, on our Podcast page or on Spotify.

“Fast and Furious” is gratefully sponsored by Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. in Canada.



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