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Here's one practical way Members can learn to do things differently!

Updated: May 20

One of the key values in our ONLY promise to members is that the NDBA “Constantly challenges you to do things differently.” And one of the key ways we’re executing on this promise is through our Abound program and the "Audacious Learning Ways” podcast series featuring Roy and Ian.

Every month we publish a podcast on a 'How to Be Different Tip' exclusively for Members (although we eagerly suggest Members share these podcasts with their colleagues to stimulate more interest in and have them join our Association team).

Each podcast is posted on our website but we’ve also decided to make it available on Spotify to give our Members another way to access the podcasts, and to make it easier for you to share each podcast with your own community networks.

Click this link to access the entire series of podcasts on Spotify. You will see they are listed in the order they are recorded with the fifth one being uploaded on April 14, 2023.

We encourage all Members to make a point of listening to each podcast show with Roy and Ian. Each episode is less than 30 minutes long and deals with a different opportunity for businesses to stand apart and be different based on Roy’s experience in taking an early stage internet company to A BILLION IN SALES ... you will have received a free copy of his latest book as part of your membership investment.

The 'How to be Different Tip' series is a must for NDBA Members who are looking to stand out from the crowd and set themselves on a breathtaking growth ride.

Please let us know if these podcasts resonate with you. Your feedback is critical.


The NDBA Leadership Team

John, Roy and Ian


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