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Membership in NDBA means MORE for YOUR business ...

Updated: Apr 25

The North Delta Business Association announces the ONE and ONLY 'Abound by NDBAbiz' program.

What exactly is Abound?

ABOUND is a package of valuable and proven-to-work business building tools and services designed for NDBA Members to enhance their business performance.

Abound will be the ONLY one of its kind. Where other associations typically charge extra for events, seminars and services, the NDBA, through Abound, will serve our Members by including everything in the cost of ONE annual membership fee.

What services will be in Abound?

Advocates, a recently introduced membership referral program for current Members, is included in Abound and is a great example of the type of value that will continue to be provided to our Members.

As plans are completed on additional services, we will provide our Members with the specifics. The selection of Abound tools and services will be guided by our ONLY Statement, providing our Members with unique compelling value that addresses what they CARE about to GROW their business. We hope your business JOINs the NDBA soon.


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