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Proven Ways to Skyrocket The Value In Your Business

Centre Stage is a series of 30-minute, podcast-style interviews with an individual NDBA Member to cover particular topics and learn more about their business. Our 'Centre Stage' World Member🌎guest is Jeffrey Feldberg, Founder of Deep Wealth ... “The ONLY system based on a NINE-figure deal from the trenches for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.”

This is a guy who turned down a six-figure offer to buy his business, and by doing some simple practical things to grow the value in his business eventually was offered NINE-figures for it! 

In this episode with Roy and Ian, you’ll learn Jeffrey’s story and the actions he took to grow the value in his business. From living in his parent’s attic watching fellow MBA grads making it (or failing it) big, he “failed forward” to grow his e-learning company to an epic level and was offered a reward commensurate with his passion and efforts.

Learn why it’s critical to PREPARE your business to attract potential interest from buyers including identifying what makes you uniquely special—your “Rembrandts”—that shout out your immense value. 

And also discover why Jeffrey suggests you “fire yourself” as the key thing business leaders should do as they begin their growth journey.

This episode is a MUST for all Members who are obsessed with growing their business and getting a handsome payday for their efforts.

You can listen to this Centre Stage episode, and enjoy past episodes of the podcast series right now, on our Podcast Page or Spotify.



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