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Why 'The Magic Question' is Absolutely Critical to Having an Epic Career

Updated: Jun 20

Many people assume that what they did to succeed in the past will serve them well as they meet new challenges going forward. This is an extremely risky position to take as it presumes that past conditions for success will be repeated as new challenges are encountered. This rarely if ever happens.

There are always new dynamics that must be successfully conquered if one is to continue on the winning track.

In this episode, Roy and Ian discuss why it’s critical for individuals to ask themselves ‘The Magic Question’—“What do I have to do differently?”—whenever they face any new challenge, be it a new project, a career change or new job opportunity. 

You can listen to this episode when posted, and enjoy past episodes of the 'Fast and Furious' series right now, on our Podcast page or on Spotify.

“Fast and Furious” is gratefully sponsored by Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. in Canada.



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