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Our Future


Our Future

The North Delta Area Plan addresses long-term growth, change, and community aspirations for North Delta, while the Mayor’s Housing Task Force for Scott Road provides a new concept that breaks apart
the corridor into three main districts, composed of six walkable, mixed use neighbourhoods. 
All of this means North Delta's growing ... imagine the opportunities for your business!

LINK: City of Delta Official Community Plan: North Delta Area Plan

North Delta is roughly 2,000 hectares in size, stretches more than 10 km from north to south, and has a population of approximately 55,000 people; more than half that of Delta.


The Area Plan proposes that the concentration of growth be strategically focused on four key areas: the Scott Road Corridor, the Nordel Social Heart, 84th Avenue,  and 72nd Avenue. A series of mixed-use nodes is proposed to concentrate activity in and along these areas, and create places where people can meet their daily needs, socialize, work, and enjoy life in North Delta.


Importantly, these places are located along transit routes. Linking land use to transit routes to improve the accessibility of the proposed community nodes increases the likelihood of enhanced ridership and service along the existing transit routes.

LINK: Mayor’s Housing Task Force for Scott Road: Final Recommendations Report

The results of these activities helped shape a new concept that breaks apart the corridor into three main districts, composed of six walkable, mixed use neighbourhoods.

The Townline Innnovation District - (96 Ave to 92 Ave) introduces a mix of medium to high density mixed-use developments, live-work opportunities, and a strong public realm that supports active transportation.

The Central District - (88 Ave to 80 Ave) brings together three unique neighbourhoods to form a larger complete district that is well-connected to North Delta's Social Heart. 

The Garden District - (75A Ave to 64 Ave) is predominantly residential with beautiful public open spaces that emphasize nature and ecology while providing a range of commercial services for daily needs.

Scott Road Mixed-Use Nodes Map.jpg
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