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We Will Consistently Live By These Core Values:

Honest Communications

We will communicate with our Members and Partners in an open and clear way. We will always demonstrate a high degree of integrity by the way we communicate. We will be honest in everything we say. The truth is our guiding principle.

Engaging Teamwork

We will actively work with Members and Partners to collectively achieve our strategic goals. We will share team objectives and will support the team unconditionally.

Bold and Courageous Innovation

We will be bold and courageous in the way we innovate. We will not copy others where our strategic goals are concerned. “Creating not copying” will be our mantra. Incremental solutions will not suffice. We will strive for breakaway innovative solutions.

Innovation Behaviors

  • Use new different ways to solve problems.

  • Have a risk-taker mindset.

  • Be a “trier” to do things in new ways.

  • Always learn from mistakes.

Hyper Responsiveness

Action will be our top priority in everything we do. Responding to our Members and Partners will be done so with the utmost sense of urgency. We believe that speed is one of our competitive advantages and we intend to  demonstrate an extreme bias to act in everything we do.


We will always display a caring attitude when dealing with Members and Partners. We recognize that people buy on the basis of how they FEEL about their supplier, and we intend to present ourselves as an organization who shows honest caring and concern for others.

Personal Accountability

We will always take personal accountability for the work we do, taking whatever action is required to “make things right” for our Members and Partners.

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