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Our Origin Story

In October 2019, Mayor George V. Harvie directed City of Delta staff to convene a meeting to discuss the concept of a North Delta business initiative. The goal of the initiative was to establish a forum, and perhaps an association, for North Delta businesses.

Mayor Harvie then sent a letter and survey to engage the business community, and a number of meetings followed with those businesses who expressed interest in the concept and a willingness to join and get involved. Due to the onset of the global pandemic, a business summit and number of other events were cancelled. The first few volunteers of what was later to become the North Delta Business Association got to work, established the organization and created a social media presence to start things moving forward.


Since officially launching in April 2022, we have created a revolutionary new strategy for our organization to separate itself from other associations as declared by our ONLY statement:

The North Delta Business Association is the ONLY team that:

1.) Links you to other businesses,

2.) connects you with experienced and knowledgeable people to help you lead and grow your business, and

3.) constantly challenges you to do things differently.


We believe our brand ‘speaks’ to our strategy effectively. We are here to serve the needs of businesses … period. We are in business to help businesses grow their business. We encourage our members to do things differently. Our roots are proudly in North Delta, but we serve any business who needs our support regardless of where they are located.

  • Our actions are audacious; we’re not followers.

  • Our priority is to create the business tools and services necessary for our Members to survive and thrive.

  • The cogs continue to convey our commitment to execution, delivering on our promises in a seamless way.

  • We are the ONLY one that does what we do as signified by the encompassing red ring.

  • Bold color tones define the intensity with which we achieve our goals: bold, relentless, and audacious.

  • Deep color tones speak to the depth of our understanding of what businesses need to grow and prosper.

For more information on how we serve our Members, check out Abound ... simply more.

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