NDBA Directors


John Mancini, Founding Director

John has lived in North Delta for 48 years, and is committed to his community. He had a successful career as a procurement manager for a large engineering company which specialized in large, complex, mass transportation and construction projects. John's coached youth soccer, chaired a civic construction project task force, and served on a variety of civic and community committees. He is president of an Italian Folk Club, former director of the Delta Chamber of Commerce, an avid fan of the Vancouver Whitecaps, and an enthusiastic supporter of Vancouver Opera.

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Roy Osing, Director

Roy is a former president, CMO and entrepreneur with over 40 years of successful and unmatched executive leadership experience in every aspect of business. As President of a major data and internet company, his leadership and audacious ‘unheard-of ways’ took the company from its early stage to $1 Billion in annual sales. He is a resolute blogger, keen content marketer, dedicated teacher and mentor to young professionals. As an accomplished business advisor, he is the author of the no-nonsense book series ‘BE DiFFERENT or be dead.’ He is devoted to inspiring leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations to stand apart from the average boring crowd and achieve their true potential.


Ian Tait, Founding Director

A resident of North Delta for more than 30 years, Ian’s business career includes senior management and leadership roles in the public service; for-profit and not-for-profit organizations; and five, international, multi-sport games. An independent consultant since 2007, Ian has also been active with the Delta Chamber of Commerce, Earthwise Society, Vancouver Chamber Choir, Feed The Bees Campaign, and other community causes. He lives by the motto, "Any day that ends in a 'y' is a good day ... and a good day for business too!"