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Why Being “The ONLY One” Is Your Competitive Advantage

The Business Association recently hosted a Masterclass Workshop at Tsawwassen Springs. It was a fully subscribed affair, attracting Association members who wanted to know more about “The ONLY Statement”, an innovation created by Association Director Roy Osing to differentiate an organization from their competitors. 

Highlights from Osing’s presentation:

  • Businesses today generally rely on COPYING, CLAPTRAP, ASPIRATIONS and NARCISSISM to try and define how they stand out from their competition. And common “Brand Promises” which rely on expressions of what a business thinks of itself does little to separate them from their competitors.

  • The solution is Osing’s ONLY Statement: “We are the ONLY Ones who …” which declares your uniqueness in terms of measurable outcomes.

  • The ONLY Statement is derived from creating your Strategic Game Plan which determines the Customer Groups you intend to target to achieve your revenue growth goals.

  • The ONLY Statement is developed from an understanding of what your target customers CRAVE, and declaring how you intend to satisfy those cravings in a way no one else does.

  • Consider your ONLY Statement to always be a draft and be prepared to revise it as market and competitive conditions change. An example of an ONLY Statement:  

“Lawn and Garden Co. is the ONLY service partner who delivers tailored Property Development solutions for Stratas. We only serve Strata Corporations.”

All attendees said they enjoyed and benefited from the Workshop with comments such as these:

“Roy's unique approach to business differentiation was a A-HA moment for me…”

“Biggest take-away for me: what does the client “crave”, and can I satisfy that craving with my services.”

“It equipped me with practical strategies to stand out in a crowded market.”

“His concept of creating an 'Only Statement' is a game-changer.”

“The strategic game plan process provided actionable steps to implement these insights effectively.”

“Roy’s Masterclass was a great reminder for us to think again about how we are different from our competition, what it is that we really offer to our clients, what we need to do to truly “WOW” those clients.”

"Roy's expertise and engaging teaching style have inspired me to rethink my approach and strive to become the 'only one' in my industry.”

The Masterclass Workshop is merely one of a number of tools The Business Association offers Members to help them GROW their business.

Learn more about how we can help you by checking out the many services available under our ABOUND portfolio of the tools Roy used to grow an internet startup to A BILLION IN SALES!


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