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Why Members of Other Associations Need Our Remarkable Team

The association space is crowded. There are many associations a business leader can choose from when they are looking for ways to enhance the performance of their business.

When you look closely, however, each association tends to have a different focus. For example some associations place a priority on business advocacy. Others focus on member networking events. And many put community engagement on the top of their list.

This mosaic of attention creates opportunities for associations to partner with one another for the benefit of their individual members.

Recently Board members Ian Tait and Roy Osing of The Business Association Inspired In North Delta, Canada participated in a meeting with Ladner Business Association members. Their pitch: Ladner Members should also join The Business Association Team and get tools and services they don’t get with their current membership.

It’s all about serving the needs of members, and if you must suggest to your members that they should join another association because it will benefit their business, then DO IT!

Listen to this episode, and the entire 'Fast and Furious Ways to Grow Your Business' podcast series, on our Podcast Page or on Spotify. Enjoy!


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