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Why a Short Term Focus is Vital To Being Different and Winning

Most businesses think they need to take a long term strategic view; they’ve been ‘taught’ to look at where they need to be five years from now. The problem is that a long term planning horizon makes it easy for a business to fail on delivering short term results because they always can deliver later. And ‘hockey stick’ planning is born!

In this episode, Roy and Ian discuss why it’s critical to ‘look at your toes’ and take a short term view to be different. “How can I solve this problem differently NOW, so the benefits can be realized NOW?” should be the objective as opposed to having the goal to be different in year four of the planning cycle. Being different ‘in the moment’ has power for you and those around you.

You will absolutely NOT be recognized and rewarded for being different if your energy is spent looking for uniqueness five years from now.

Listen to this episode, and 'Fast and Furious Ways to Grow Your Business' podcast series, on our Podcast Page or on Spotify. Enjoy!



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