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Why Hiring For Goosebumps is a Really Epic Move

Why Hiring For Goosebumps is a Really Epic Move

If your business strategy is focused on creating memorable and “gasp-worthy” customer experiences, the place to start is to recruit the right team.

Delightful experiences are infused with emotion; when your customer is blown away with how you’ve treated them, they commit their business to you for the long term and tell their friends and colleagues how amazing you are.

And the ONLY way to deliver these kinds of experiences is to have teams of people who actually ‘love humans’.

In this episode, Roy and Ian unwrap Roy’s recruitment innovation “Hiring for Goosebumps”, the ONLY audacious approach of its kind that identifies potential hires who have a deep rooted desire to serve others. This awesome episode is a must listen for any business that has the strategic imperative to serve their customers in a miraculous way.

Listen to this episode, and the 'Fast and Furious Ways to Grow Your Business' podcast series, on our Podcast Page or on Spotify.



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